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Southport Carrara Netball Association runs competitions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday nights and Saturday Mornings. Each competition caters to a range of playing needs and runs these competitions at different Venues catering to these needs.

Monday Night and Saturday Competition

The Monday night competition caters to the largest range of players running three competitions simultaneously, Intermediates (13yrs - 16yrs graded), Ladies graded fixtures and Mixed Netball. Saturday Morning Netball is for the nurturing and development of our junior netballers. These competitions are held at our Association home facility at Benowa Road Ashmore. Here were has 13 all-weather sealed outdoor courts, with full canteen facility and control room and meeting rooms.


Tuesday Night Elite Competition

The Tuesday Night Elite Competition is held at 2 venues. Two courts are facilitated at Emmanuel College Carrara and one other court is used at he newly constructed St Kevin’s multipurpose facility at Benowa. 


Emmanuel College
St Kevin's Hall

Thursday Night Competition 

Carrara Stadium


Carrara Stadium is home to our Thursday night competition and utilizes Emmanuel College its second complex as the competition’s popularity has grown over the last 20 years.